Water Management for Cropland and Rangeland services for the ECOWAS region

The Centre Régional Agrhymet in Niamey, Niger is ECOWAS’ Regional Implementation Center (RIC) for Water Management for Cropland and Rangeland. MESA ECOWAS LAND THEMA (http://www.agrhymet.ne/projetcours.html) provides the following Information Services:

(1) Crop Service (http://www.agrhymet.ne/bulletin.html)
Goal: Assess the impact of rainy season on crops and rangeland and identify drought affected areas in order to support decisions oriented to grant populations food security


Short term: • detection of areas of drought during the agricultural season and pasture impacts • early warning tools • support to crop and Food supply assessment
Medium-term: • support for implementation of actions to safeguard the vegetation cover• 
anticipation of farmer-grazer conflicts related to the departure early seasonal migration Long term: • agricultural policy analysis (recovery of degraded land) • the management of food 
security policies.

(2) Range land Service (http://www.agrhymet.ne/bulletin.html)
Goal: Monitor replenishment level of surface water bodies and growth conditions of surrounding rangeland in order to better organize herds’ transhumance


• Anticipation for the management of water resources for various uses (irrigation, watering, human consumption, etc.)
• Support to better management of transhumance seasonal to avoid high concentrations
• Support for water retention dams for agricultural needs (irrigation, etc.)

For more information please visit: www.agrhymet.ne
Implementation Center: Centre Regional AGRHYMET (CRA)